Irrigation systems


Irrigation systems are vital for many plantations that require proper maintenance of these areas, whatever their type.

In Chamartín Group, we are in charge of supplying irrigation systems of all kinds to those companies and individuals interested in the best care of these farms.
With more than 40 years of experience as a reference in the sector, with large international projects throughout them, we are one of the most successful options when it comes to installing accurate, safe and totally efficient irrigation systems.

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The Urapivot irrigation pivot in its three variants: circular pivot, lateral (linear) pivot and hippodrome.

A wide range of sprinklers under the "Somlo" brand and a wide variety of irrigation accessories.

The most resistant drip tape on the market, irrigation tape in light pipe format and with advanced technology.

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The value of global agricultural production exceeds US$3,000 billion per year and in some countries is worth more than US$3,000 billion per year.


Despite the good figures, yields are low, so profitability is not guaranteed (Agronoma).

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