Group Chamartin

Our mission is based on offering the best agricultural solutions, providing the latest technology in irrigation systems. This is done by offering a quality and personalized service, attending to the different needs of our customers.

These are our passion, and after 40 years the Group has not lost the illusion to continue being a company committed to the irrigation sector, always focused on its desire to excel, and on the best use of water. The Group has participated in major international projects supported by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank; This has allowed us to obtain a wide international experience outstanding in the sector. Major projects have focused on countries such as Iraq, Cuba, Brazil, Algeria.

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The pivot in it's three systems: circular, lateral (lineal) & the hippodrome

Sprinkler irrigation

We produce all the range on sprinkling irrigation: from the aluminium tubes to the impact sprinklers


The drip line with the best resistance against clogging

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