Center Pivot and lateral move

Irrigation Pivots

The aim of Urapivot Irrigation Systems is to produce food the most efficient way and using every drop of water for this purpose.

Chamsa is concerned with the present scarcity of food and water and aims to offer even more efficient irrigation solutions. Urapivot is a highly effective large area irrigation system, which increases the yield per hectare irrigated. The initial investment is returned manifold during its life span. Chamsa participated in several projects sponsored by international organizations like FAO and UN (Programme Food for Oil).

Advantages of Urapivot




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Pivot accessories

Besides the URAPIVOT Irrigation Systems, at Grupo Chamartín you will find any type of pivot accessories, at competitive prices. Not every irrigation system is adequated for every crop, that’s why you will find in our catalogue plenty of different sprinklers that distribute the water in many different ways.

Quality Certification

URAPIVOT meets all European manufacturing standards and quality requirements, while ongoing research focuses on optimising both unit capacity and quality. The ISO 9001 certification is our customers’ guarantee that we pay close attention to quality at every stage of design and production, as well as in our after-sales service. It also guarantees that URAPIVOT’s quality system is audited regularly, both internally and by external bodies.

Center pivot


Urapivot is our Brand for Center pivots. Made in Spain.

Lateral Machine


The ditch fed lateral Urapivot system is the ideal solution to irrigate the maximum area on slopes or when the | Read more



Combining the technologies of the pivot and lateral irrigation systems, we obtain the irrigation systems with hippodrome, in which the | Read more



No irrigation is good for all applications; the Urapivot nozzles offer the best solution for each case. In order to | Read more

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