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History of the Company

Grupo Chamartin S.A. (CHAMSA) is a leading Spanish group that manufactures irrigation systems for more than 50 years. Grupo Chamartín is not only a family business but also became a world leader in agricultural irrigation thanks to its dedication and commitment to R&D in this area. The quality and wide range of the CHAMSA products are internationally recognised and the desire to satisfy their customers allows the brand to be present in over 60 countries around the world.

The company is dynamic and highly diversified and offers only the best quality products and employs the most experienced professionals in the sector.


The key of Chamsa is to give the highest support to their customers and make the irrigation more efficient saving as much water as possible obtaining the best results on each crop. This is the key of Chamsa´s long-term project.

Our qualification is based on demonstrated experience, financial capability, current capacity, and other objective criteria.

Grupo Chamartin, S. A. has taken part in numerous international competitive bidding for projects of irrigation with loan from the World Bank, Intern American Bank of Development and European Investment Bank.

If you want to know more about Chamsa’s history, take a look at this article from Irrigazette International.

-CENTER PIVOT in Spain and France (Urapivot and 2ie factories)

-Flat DRIP in Alcazar de San Juan: Aquapro, Pathfinder, Mini, Titan & Ultra.

-Round drip Uragota in Madrid

-SOLID SET Aluminium / PE / PVC pipes and fittings / hydraulic coupling called with two factories in Madrid (Solid set system-aluminium)

SPRINKLERS and accessories called SOMLO in Zaragoza factory (brass and plastic)


-Systems of Treatment and Water Purification

In addition to irrigation activities, the Group also focuses on the production of aluminium profiles among other activities. The Group’s main flagship is formed by Alueuropa S.A. factories. The Group is also present in real estate investments and the farming business.

We currently export our irrigation systems to 60 countries.


The Urapivot system in its three alternatives: circular, lateral and hippodrome.


A wide range of private-label "Somlo" sprinklers and a wide variety of accessories.


The “Pathfinder” drip tape.


Aluminum and polyethylene cover.


The Chamsadrip irrigation it’s our dripline with PC (pressure compensation).

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