Drip tape & drip line

Our drip systems are well know worldwide. Since the ’80 we are in the drip tape and the dripe line businesses. We started in Spain and now we cover all the main drip makers around the globe.

We produce in two locations: Alcázar de San Juan & Madrid.

We have factories specialised in two different types of drip tapes:

  • The Aquapro and Pathfinder drip tapes, as well as the Mini, Titan and Ultra drip flat tapes are produced in Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real, Spain).
  • Chamsadrip drip line is manufactured at our headquarters in Ciempozuelos, Madrid (Spain).

On the other hand, we also have a range of drip irrigation systems with live-loaded integrated drippers, which are able to obtain the best results even on very hilly terrains.

Being able to find an outstanding drip irrigation system for a competitive price is not an easy task. Grupo Chamartín knows that an agricultural field needs to be completely covered with an effective and adapted irrigation system in order to get the best possible results, that’s why it offers the best drip systems in the market, as well as a wide range of accessories.

Drip fittings


Accessories for all drip irrigation systems in the market: Micro-irrigation, fittings, filters, valves, etc.   Please, contact us for more | Read more



The Chamsadrip irrigation it’s our dripline with PC (pressure compensation). Our dripper has been specially designed to achieve an efficient | Read more

Mini Drip Tape


Mini is produced with the most advanced technology and according to the highest quality levels. Mini provides the lowest variation | Read more

Aquapro Drip Tape


Aquapro is the drip tape with Largest low flow path in the drip industry and is more plug resistant than | Read more

Ultra Dripper


Ultra is produced with the most advanced technology and according to the highest quality levels. The ultra dripper it’s a | Read more



Pathfinder is the most precise drip tape for irrigation in the industry since the 90’s. Its patented technology allows to | Read more

Titan Drip Tape


TITAN Drip Tape Titan is an irrigation drip tape manufactured with the most advanced technologies and meeting the highest quality | Read more

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