The Chamsadrip irrigation it’s our dripline with PC (pressure compensation). Our dripper has been specially designed to achieve an efficient irrigation sites with great slopes, which require longer and lateral flow constant in all plants. Manufactured using an advanced system that ensures the highest quality and reliability.

Quick Details
Diameters: 16mm, 20mm
Flows of 1,7; 1,9; 2,4; 3,8; 4,0 l/h.
Nominal thickness: 0.9 mm – 1 mm – 1.1 mm
Distances between emitters: 30 cm-150 cm

The flow remains constant in the range of pressures of work. Membrane resistant. A silicone membrane of special mechanical and chemical properties, are responsible for maintaining constant flow output for the internal pressures considered. The membrane is resistant to chemicals used in agriculture (fertilizers, herbicides, acids) and supports a minimum value of pH 2.
Different distance between emitters. To accommodate the installation of irrigation to all types of crops.
Easy to collect. The droppers to be integrated not suffer hooks with the crop or the ground.
Interval pressures. The working pressure is recommended in the range of 7 to 40 mca (0.7 to 4 kg/cm2). A low pressure flow never exceeds the nominal and therefore there was no peak during the launch of the facility quickly reaching the pressure of work. The time until it reaches the role is minimal. Three points emission by drip reduce the possibility of obstruction by sucking particles and prevent water remains detained at the interior develop algae or precipitates.
Filter incorporated. A dual filter integrated into high water input produces additional protection, resulting in a drip with very low sensitivity to obstruction because it diverts particles upward, reducing the amount of sediment as the system works and prevents the accumulation around the filter, prevented from entering the dropper.
Self-cleaning. The membrane also acts as a built-in self-cleaning mechanism.

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