Main advantages of underground drip irrigation


Today, the underground drip irrigation system is one of the most widely used options for farmers around the world, as it allows greater use of resources such as water, energy and fertilizers. This technique achieves a reduction in the consumption of these resources, which ultimately translates into an increase in production.

Here we leave you with a series of additional advantages to those already offered by conventional surface drip irrigation.

  • Water and fertilizer saving: water and fertilizers are applied below the soil surface in the root zone. There is no moisture on the surface, so evaporation losses are reduced.
  • Increased water productivity: Productivity increases have been reported by improving irrigation efficiency. In addition, as water is saved, the ratio of kilos of crop per cubic meter of water used, the number of kilos os crop obtained increases.
  • Facilitates cultivation work: The irrigation system does not interfere with the movement of machinery or agricultural work.
  • Decrease in weeds: The lack of humidity on the surface hinders the development of weeds.
  • Reduced risk of diseases caused by moisture: As surface moisture decreases, the risk of diseases caused by fungi is reduced.
  • Underground drip irrigation for organic farming: Some of the above-mentioned advantages offered by underground drip irrigation, make the irrigation system very suitable for organic farming, as it allows us to carry out the work without the irrigation system being a conditioning factor. In addition to the improvement of plant health, wich may avoid the need for certain phytosanitary treatments.

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