Center pivots: ¿fixed or towable?, ¿full circle or sector?


The fixed or towable pivot, is the most economical irrigation system, saving energy and labour.

In electric, diesel or solar version, the center pivot is configured in full circle or sector. It is the central point by which water is conveyed in the spans. The spans turn around the center pivot. It is provided with a collector when it is in full circle. When the pivot is in sector, there is no collector, but a safety stop
on tower and a safety barricade at each ends. Supplied with solar energy, the pivot can be 100% autonomous.

There is also the option of the articulated pivot, which makes it possible to avoid an obstacle and to increase its irrigated surface.

There’s also the possibility for towable pivot, on skids or wheels, pull by a tractor.
The pivot is towable lengthwise. The wheels of each span are rotated 90° manually by using a jack, or semi-automatically by using a box with electric drive.

The towing of the pivot is carried out using a tractor, by the center after having put a retention cable between the center and the first tower.

Possibility of automatic towing laterally from point-to-point (optional).


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