CHAMSA acquires new machine for flow monitoring of its drip lines.


Quality is a top priority  for Grupo Chamartín, that aims to extend this line of continuous improvement and commitment to innovation, leading to the recent incorporation of a new flow monitoring machine in order to optimize the quality of the manufacturing process of its drippers, made in Alcázar de San Juan’s factory (Ciudad Real).

This new machine will give a better control, efficiency and visibility to the quality controls applied on the pressure-compensating and turbulent drippers. This technology allows to analyse the flow of a sample of 10 drippers at the same time to obtain the average flow of the sample and the coefficient of variation. At the same time, the resulting values are shown in graphics, so the production personnel can be aware of the values they are obtaining every second, in a more intuitive way.

This new machine has a touch screen to make personnel’s work easier by being more intuitive to use, but also, It’s connected to the company’s network which makes simpler  the process  of collecting data and preparing reports from the tests performed.


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