CHAMSA visits South Africa and Mozambique in a trade mission with AGRAGEX


From May 13-17, AGRAGEX will celebrate some meetings at Johannesburg, Cape Town and Maputo, where distributors and local importing companies will be meeting, and It will visit the NAMPO Agricultural Trade Show

CHAMSA’s main goal within this expedition will be to promote its wide range of irrigation systems for agriculture manufactured in Spain, and to secure commercial ties with these two countries.

The main goals set that CHAMSA is trying to achieve with this commercial action are to consolidate its presence in South Africa, while seeking to expand its exports in the country and showing the last news in equipment and irrigation technology. This is a consolidated and competitive market, but also a leading cereals producer, with a big industry of fruits and vegetables that makes it one of the main exporting countries all over the world, not to mention the worldwide famous winegrowing sector of this country. All this makes South Africa a very attractive opportunity for Grupo Chamarting in order to stablish some new potential businesses.

Regarding to Mozambique, the purpose is to take the pulse of a market where CHAMSA already had some projects in the past few years, without missing opportunities when it comes to offer irrigation solutions adapted to the farmers needs and with the conviction that Mozambique is a country with a lot of potential for future businesses and a lot of work that needs to be done in the long term.




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