How much does a URAPIVOT irrigation machine cost?


The total cost of purchasing apivot machine can be defined according to the composition of the pivot machine. To design a pivot irrigation system, there are some factors we need to know:

  1. A plan of the plot with its different geographical features, as well as the location of water and electricity supplies.
  2. The size and shape of the plot. By means of this data, we decide the type of system (circular, sectorial, linear, racecourse ...), if it is necessary to stop irrigation in some section or to reverse automatically (the latter can be a pivot point or a final tower), if a final gun is required to increase the irrigable area and the composition of the machine (number and length of the sections and length of the cantilever).
  3. The flow rate and pressure available. This determines the diameter of the system's main piping and whether or not low-pressure sprinklers are required.
  4. The type of soil and its orography. The wheels to be used for the pivot machine depend on this factor; standard wheels or high flotation wheels, and the desirability of installing emitters that spray water over a larger area, to facilitate filtration and prevent runoff. Or perhaps recommend a dry tread wheel package, which involves extending the spray outlet above the wheels backwards with respect to the direction of movement, so that the wheels always run on dry ground, preventing them from sinking into the kneeler when the soil is clayey.
  5. The expected crops. This reveals the water requirements and therefore the flow to be distributed, and also the height of the pivot machine to overtake the crops.
  6. The unevenness of the ground. This forces us to incorporate pressure regulators to guarantee the same flow rate at all outlets, regardless of varying ground levels.
  7. The availability of electrical power. If there is no possibility for this, an electric generator or diesel pump should be considered to provide power for the Pivot irrigation system.
  8. Water supply. If there is no natural or pumped pressure, the pump and piping required to supply the Pivot must be calculated. In the case of linear systems, the water inlet to the system inlet may be through a hose or drawn from a canal.
  9. Other factors should also be considered, for example, is the area windy? For low-growing crops or in windy areas, it is advisable to install longer downspouts with droplet sprinklers that bring the sprinklers closer to the ground, thus reducing evaporation and wind dispersion. It is also advisable to have anchoring systems to ensure the safety of the Pivot.


Buying a Pívot machine is investing in technology

When youbuy apivotirrigation machine, you are investing in technology. It implies a guaranteed return on capital, as it increases productivity and expands the agricultural frontier, improves daily labor income, increases the value of land that was perhaps previously considered a marginal area, generates stability of supply, eliminates weather uncertainty, brings environmental benefits....

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