Maintenance routines for URAPIVOT irrigation systems


Branded irrigation pivots URAPIVOT irrigation pivots are very safe and efficient systems, with a long useful life that allows you to amortize your initial investment quickly. Even so, certain maintenance and safety control routines should be followed to optimize the efficiency of your irrigation applications and avoid accidents over the years. These are five tasks that require little effort on the part of the operator and are always worth keeping track of:

  1. General maintenance. Visual inspection of tires, nuts, drop fasteners, fuses, geared motors... A blown or improperly installed fuse could, for example, cause an entire Pivot to collapse. A tire in bad condition could also stop the whole system.
  2. Storm damage from wind and lightning. Vibrations caused by high winds can loosen or fatigue metals in the structure. Lightning could damage electrical components. So inspect for signs or fire marks on the main panels, or burned transformers on electrical poles. Lightning can damage the fuse box, transmitting the electrical charge through the metal components of the Pivot, which could be fatal.
  3. Rodent damage to electrical boxes. If rats or field mice find their way inside an electrical box, they can bite into the cable sheathing. This prevents the machine from working properly and could cause shocks to the operators, so the bitten wires must be replaced to make the system operational again. Likewise, it is necessary to check that there are no insects nesting in the electrical junction boxes that could prevent contact between the electrical terminals of the contactors.
  4. Incorrect grounding. The grounding of the Pivot, electrical boxes and transformers must be properly implemented. Safety is essential. A grounding rod can cost 20€, a minimal investment when we are talking about people's safety. They must be properly installed in the main control panel of the machine and in the attached electrical boxes, if any. The three-phase power supply company will take care of the grounding of the transformers.
  5. Copper thefts. It is always better to do a visual inspection rather than wait to turn the system on and then find the problems.

In addition to these 5 points, the operator should also maintain a certain cleanliness in the electrical boxes, circuit breakers and fuses, which will be selected according to the voltage and amperage used. An electrician should also check the terminals of the cables in the boxes, ensuring that they are not loose and make good contact.

Center pivot with more than 30 years, perfectly operational on the island of Mallorca.
Center pivot with more than 30 years, perfectly operational on the island of Mallorca.
Center pivot with more than 30 years, perfectly operational on the island of Mallorca.

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