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 Irrigation pivot

Urapivot, the best choice for your cropThe very meaning of irrigation is to produce food in the most efficient way possible, making the most of every drop of water to achieve this end.

Chamsa is concerned about the current situation of scarcity of food and water resources and focuses its efforts on offering increasingly efficient irrigation solutions; Urapivot, as an extensive irrigation system, is tremendously effective (maximizing the yield per irrigated hectare) and highly profitable since its acquisition value is amortized several times over its useful life.

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Advantages of the Urapivot system

  • Increased productivity
    • Excellent crop irrigation optimization.
    • Irrigation uniformity close to 90%.
    • Perfect control of the specific dose to be applied is achieved.
  • Guarantees your profits season after season
    • Urapivot systems follow a manufacturing process that guarantees a useful life of more than 20 years, following a proper maintenance by your distributor, to ensure a perfect operation of the machine.
  • Fewer trips, more time and money saved
    • It is currently the most efficient irrigation system in the world; it requires minimal labor because it is automatic and programmable.
  • Greater Security and Control over your crop
    • With the new and innovative IRRINET System, you can quickly and easily give orders to your pivot, from a Smartphone or PC, and check its status at any time.
  • Customer service
    • Our passion is to listen to our customers and learn from their suggestions. For this reason, we offer a technical assistance service for the installation and maintenance of the machines. This, together with the fact that your authorized distributor will be with you from the study of the project to the complete installation of the systems, makes the after-sales service an added advantage.

In addition to center pivot or center pivot irrigation systems, these are the other machines we produce:
- Movable pivot systems

- Sides:

  • Side pivot irrigation systems with hose and channel connection.
  • Lateral "hippodrome" movement systems.

Here you can see a brief video summary of the different modalities:

Accessories and spare parts for pivot

Apart from pivot irrigation systems, in Chamartin Group you will also find pivot accessories, pivot spare parts and parts for irrigation pivots atcompetitive prices. Not all irrigation systems are suitable for all crops, so in our catalog you will find various emitters, capable of distributing water in different ways.

Quality Certification

The ISO 9001 Standard guarantees that URAPIVOT complies with all the elements in quality management in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of its products and services.

General Catalog

URAPIVOT Irrigation System (Pivot Centers)


The Urapivot pivot irrigation system is very reliable and efficient. No need for labor, low cost per hectare, low cost per plant, Read more

Relocatable pivot


Relocatable pivot

Hose connection side


In lateral irrigation systems, water is supplied to the pipeline at points along the length of the pipe, and is then fed to the irrigation system at the point where it is to be used.

Lateral Channel inlet


In the canal intake, the lateral irrigation system's water supply comes from a canal that can be used to supply water to the lateral irrigation system.

Hippodrome system


Combining the technologies of the pivot and lateral irrigation systems, we obtain irrigation systems with pivot and lateral irrigation, which are used to irrigate the water in the irrigation system.

Spare parts


In addition to pivot irrigation systems, in Chamartin Group you will also find accessories and parts for pivot or pivot | Read more



No one irrigation system fits all crops. The Urapivot range of emitters has all the options to give you the best possible irrigation for your crops.

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