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Our drip irrigation systems are known worldwide. Since the 80's we have been manufacturing drip irrigation tubing. Our first market started in Spain, and in only two decades, our products became internationally known in all the markets of the world; drip irrigation tapes, flat drippers and other drip irrigation accessories for agriculture.

How does the drip irrigation system work?

Operation: Drip irrigation works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil. The high efficiency of drip irrigation allows water to penetrate the soil before it evaporates or runs off and water is only applied where it is needed (at the roots of the plant) instead of spraying it everywhere.

The drip irrigation systems marketed by Chamartin Group have been developed and perfected over decades, providing systems that supply water and nutrients to the plant roots, avoiding unnecessary wetting of the plant leaves. The application of water through drip irrigation is more uniform than in other systems and there is less water loss than in other irrigation solutions, as, for example, could happen with sprinkler systems in windy situations. Because the application of water is more uniform and consistent in the areas where it is needed, there is also less loss through runoff or percolation and it does not flow to non-target areas where it is wasted. In addition, some of our state-of-the-art pressure compensating or self-compensating driplines are also highly adaptable to the environment and location, even if the terrain is hilly or oddly shaped.

Ultimately, implementing our drip irrigation lines allows the farmer to plant dry land crops that require less water, increase the moisture holding capacity of such land, decrease evaporation and increase water use efficiency during irrigation of their land. In addition to performing at over 90% efficiency, some of these systems can be used on slopes, use relatively saline water, and are programmable.

Drip tape and integrated dripper

Expectations that the population will grow by 40% (to over 9 billion) by 2050 have raised the pressing question of how to grow more food with less water globally for the Chamartin Group. Since agriculture is responsible for 70% of all freshwater withdrawals, efficient and sustainable water use is needed for our generation and for future generations. With this global water crisis in mind, CHAMSA has invested in countless R&D projects to find the best drip irrigation systems to try to reverse this situation, thus achieving a careful use of available water and maximizing its effects on crops.

Types of drip tapes:

  • The strips (Pathfinder Pro and Pathfinder Xpro) and flat dropper tubes (Titan and Ultra) are produced in Alcazar de San Juan, Spain.

On the other hand, we also offer drip irrigation systems with integrated self-compensating drippers , such as our CHAMSADRIP PC2 pressure-compensating tubing, capable of achieving the best results even on uneven terrain. Finding a drip irrigation system at a competitive price is not easy. For this reason, Grupo Chamartín, knowing the need for an agricultural land to be completely covered with an adapted and efficient irrigation system, and that unfortunately these types of projects have not been cheap for decades, has decided to offer the widest range of drip lines and variety of accessories for drip irrigation systems on the market, always adjusting to the highest quality standards while offering the most affordable and competitive prices throughout the distribution chain to the final farmer. At Chamartin Group we believe that leading agricultural companies have a responsibility to make their most innovative and relevant products that can help both large and small farmers on a daily basis, as well as combat global issues such as climate change, nutrition and poverty. Our drip irrigation systems are good for the planet, good for farmers and therefore good for business."

Save up to 60% water with drip irrigation for agriculture


Agricultural drip irrigation is a solution that is more than necessary for the maintenance and productivity of crops and for the production of crops.

Chamsadrip PC2


Chamsadrip is our tubing with integrated dripper. Chamsadrip irrigation is our dripline with PC (pressure compensation). Our Chamsadrip Read more



Mini is always manufactured in 16 mm diameter with wall thicknesses of 6 mil and 8 mil (0.15 and 0.20 | Read more



Aquapro is a drip labyrinth tape with the longest low flow path in the drip industry | Read more

PATHFINDER Irrigation Tape


Pathfinder is the most accurate drip irrigation tape. On the market since the '90s Pathfinder is the most accurate drip irrigation tape on the market.



TITAN Titan is a flat drip tape that is manufactured with the most advanced technologies and according to the most stringent quality control standards.

Drip couplings


Accessories for all drip systems: Microirrigation, fittings, filters, valves. Note: Contact us for pricing. Our final prices : Read more

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