Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation systems shoot a jet of atomized water into the air, which then falls to the ground in the form of droplets as if it were rain. The water is conveyed under pressure through a network of pipes until it reaches the sprinklers, which distribute it several meters away (the distance can be adjusted by varying the pressure). It is one of the most widely used irrigation systems today.

Grupo Chamartín is one of the leading manufacturers of sprinkler irrigation systems in the world. Since 1980 we offer the widest full coverage range in the market with combined aluminum, steel, PVC and PE systems.

Our confidence in sprinkler irrigation and its advantages, such as water economy, reduction of salt concentration, improvement of the micro-climate for the plants, minimum erosion problems, better soil condition for the seeds, complementation with fertilizers, labor economy, and, in short, higher quality and quantity of production, is what encourages us every day to excel in our task.

Sprinkler irrigation systems

We have the HUMET, WRIGHT RAIN, ROTO, LAVAL, ABC or BAUER systems, with different diameters and lengths, our technical team will advise you from the first moment so that you can choose the right one.

In Chamartin Group you will find all kinds of couplings so you can customize your sprinkler irrigation system. Choose between different lever coupling systems, hydraulic coupling systems, capable of withstanding the highest pressures or hook couplings, accessories, etc.

Turf systems

Sprinkler irrigation systems for lawns allow uniform irrigation of the area and economize water consumption. This is one of the most used systems in golf courses, for example, since it allows to irrigate large extensions of lawn and the sprinklers can be quite well disguised reducing its impact on the landscape.
Contact us and we will study the best irrigation solution for your lawn.

Agricultural systems

Agricultural sprinkler irrigation systems are especially appropriate for extensive crops (cereals, fodder, potatoes, beets, etc.), which require a uniform distribution of water over a fairly wide radius. In Chamartín Group we offer you an agricultural sprinkler irrigation system capable of adapting to all types of areas and plots.

Garden systems

Are you looking for the best way to keep your garden in good condition throughout the year? Sprinkler irrigation systems in gardens are the best option to achieve it and in Grupo Chamartín we offer you the most advanced ones. This type of system can be easily programmed to operate at certain times of the day, saving you work and worries.

How to install sprinkler irrigation?

The installation of a sprinkler irrigation system is relatively simple if we know how to do it. These would be the steps to follow:

  1. On a map of the terrain, mark the points where the sprinklers are to be placed.
  2. Mark the layout of the pipes. This can be done with string or by marking directly on the ground.
  3. Dig the trenches for the pipes (the installation is usually underground). Pipes are usually laid at a depth of 20 to 30 cm depending on their diameter.
  4. Run a pipe from the water intake to the point where the sprinkler head is to be located.
  5. Assemble the sprinkler head, connect it to the pipe that connects to the water intake and place it in the valve box.
  6. Carry the piping from the sprinkler head to the points where each sprinkler will be located.
  7. Place the sprinklers and connect them to the pipes.
  8. Make the connection from the controller to the solenoid valves (valves that allow or restrict the passage of water).
  9. Check that everything is working, that there are no leaks and that the irrigation angles are correct.
  10. Covering the trenches to bury the pipes.

With these 10 steps you will have your sprinkler irrigation system ready. Each system has its particularities and some come with specific indications. If you have any doubts, consult a specialist.

Best installation method for turf

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind when installing sprinkler irrigation:

Pressure pumps

To irrigate any land by sprinkling it is necessary that the water comes out with sufficient pressure. This is achieved through the use of pressure pumps that help to achieve the force and flow of water necessary for irrigation to reach everywhere.

What is the pressure required in sprinkler irrigation systems?

One of the most common questions is the pressure required for sprinkler irrigation. The answer depends on the area to be irrigated. It is obvious that watering a small family garden is not the same as watering a soccer field or an agricultural crop.

Pressure calculation

The pressure calculation allows you to set the water pressure required to achieve adequate irrigation of the entire area. The pressure can be calculated as a function of the water flow rate of each sprinkler using the following equation:

P = (γQH) /75


The above is a simplified formula. If you do not know how to obtain any of the parameters or have any questions, please contact our specialists.


Total coverage

For full coverage, valves for opening branches, activating sprinklers and for coils are also supplied. The female couplings Read more

Humet Hydraulic Coupling

Humet Hydraulic Coupling

High pressure hydraulic coupling

High Pressure Hydraulic Coupling At Grupo Chamartín we offer our customers a complete selection of high pressure hydraulic couplings and hydraulic couplings for high pressure applications.

Bauer Lever Coupling

In Chamartín Group we work to offer the most complete catalog of agricultural irrigation systems, in a selection in which we offer the most complete range of irrigation systems in the world.

Lever Coupling

At Chamsa we provide our customers with all types of agricultural sprinkler irrigation elements, from sprinkler irrigation systems to sprinkler irrigation systems.

Hook coupling 8 inch coverage

Hook coupling 8 inch coverage

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