Impact sprinklers


It is our pleasure to present our catalogue with first quality durable sprinklers, valvery and accessories, covering the agricultural and gardening range.

Our confidence on the sprinkler irrigation system and its advantages such as water saving, decrease in the concentration of salts, improvement of the plants microclimate minimum problems with soil erosion, better ground conditions for the seeds, compatibility with the usage of fertilizers and labour savings. In short, major quality and quantity of production is what encourages us to excel ourselves day by day in our task.


– In order obtain an even distribution on the water the distance between the sprinkler is not to be greater than 60% of the operating range diameter.

– Check the waterpressure and the nozzle diameter to assure that the water consumption and the precipitation surface fall with in your needs.

– To obtain a very fine spray just in crease the working pressure.

– The sprinkler does not need lubricants. Lubrication is accomplished by the water during its operation.

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