CHAMSA acquires new machine for flow monitoring of its drip lines.


Quality is a top priority  for Grupo Chamartín, that aims to extend this line of continuous improvement and commitment to | Read more

CHAMSA visits South Africa and Mozambique in a trade mission with AGRAGEX


From May 13-17, AGRAGEX will celebrate some meetings at Johannesburg, Cape Town and Maputo, where distributors and local importing companies | Read more

Irrigating in the summer


When? Every day? It is best not to water too often but apply plentifully when you do. Irrigating every day | Read more

Consejos de seguridad de Urapivot


Los centros pivot se diseñan considerando la seguridad mecánica y eléctrica del sistema. Pero de operarse de forma incorrecta, podrían acarrear una serie de | Read more

A short analysis when buying a pivot machine for irrigation


When farmers have to take the decision of buying a pivot system for irrigation and replace the actual irrigation systems | Read more

Making irrigation more efficient and effective


Water was once considered a limitless resource. We now know that fresh water supplies are limited and that the demands | Read more

Pivot irrigation of trees


More and more farmers worldwide choose high-profile mechanized irrigation systems for tall-growing crops, to ensure the lush growth of citrus | Read more

How much does a URAPIVOT machine for irrigation cost?


The total cost of purchasing a pivot machine can be defined according to the composition of said machine. To design a pivot irrigation | Read more

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