Total resistance to obstruction

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Flat drippers with outstanding clog resistance and superb performance for all types of soil conditions

Filtration anti-clogging

Its great versatility reduces installation times. The use of drip irrigation systems is widespread in fruit, citrus, grapevine and horticultural crops, especially in temperate zones with scarce water resources.

Mini Dropper

Asymmetrical and non-compensable flat dripper.
Economically viable by optimizing the design.
Characteristics of higher flow rates.
Excellent cost-performance ratio.
Excellent clogging resistance, higher than than other large drippers.


+ Espesor de pared: 5 – 15mil (0.33 mm).
+ Diámetro del tubo Ø16 to Ø27mm.
+ Caudales: 0,8 l/h, 1 l/h, 1,3 l/h y 1,6 l/h.
+ Cv <3%.
+ Presión de trabajo: 1 Bar.
+ Recommended filtration: 130/120 micron/month.

Surgeon's precision

The unique design of the filter and its high filtration capacity due to the millimeter spacing of the water inlet of 0.3 millimeters leaves out the large and medium-sized dirt particles of the city, only allowing the tiniest ones to enter the circuit.


The Flap is a system designed with a flexible flap placed in the dripper orifice. The purpose of the flap is to minimize the probability of external invasion of particles (such as soil or mud) that are suspended above the orifice, and in specific cases, without the proper precautions,

the suction effect can cause a collapse of the dripper's discharge chamber (pool), even if it is severe, entering the circuit of the internal labyrinth, leaving in any case, the dripper unusable with respect to its principle of operation.


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